• CommentAuthorStew
    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2012
    When viewing a map within a webpage on an iPad I cannot get the map to zoom using a pinch gesture. Pinching just zooms in and out on the complete page as with any other web site.

    Is there something I need to set within my code to allow "pinch to zoom"?

    Many thanks

    Hi Stew,

    What version of GeoBase are you using? This functionality was introduced in GeoBase, and should work without problems in Safari on iPad or iPhone.

    GeoBase can be downloaded from Telogis Dev, and you can read more about the new features here.

    If you are running GeoBase and this still isn't working, please try one of our simple tutorial scripts such as tutorial.simple-map.aspx - this should be present in the scripts folder of your GeoStream server. If this works, but your application does not, then there may be some component of your webpage which is interfering with the touch-capture of the Map widget.

    If this also doesn't work, please let us know:

    1) Your GeoBase version
    2) The model and iOS version of your iPad
    3) Which browser you are using

    We can then investigate further.


    • CommentAuthorStew
    • CommentTimeApr 27th 2012
    Thanks Alex

    I had upgraded to 3.1.10, but still had some old files in the folder that were affecting things.

    Everything works fine now, many thanks for your help.