• CommentAuthordlabdon
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2015
    I would like to display the speed limit for the current street during navigation. I have not been able to find anything in the documentation about this.

    I am using geobase v2.0.50727
    Hi dlabdon,

    You can get the speed limit of the current location by reverse geocoding to get the StreetLink object that the vehicle is on, which contains the speed limit information.

    Something like this:
    StreetLink sl = GeoCoder.ReverseGeoCodeFull(CurrentGPSLocation).StreetLink;
    if(sl.Flags.SPEED_LIM == 0){
    CurrentSpeedLim = sl.Flags.ImpliedSpeedLimit;
    CurrentSpeedLim = sl.Flags.SPEED_LIM;

    Note there are two types of speed limits in our map:
    SPEED_LIM represents the posted speed limit taken directly from the HERE data, and should accurately reflect the speed limit on that section of the road
    ImpliedSpeedLimit is GeoBase's guess at the speed limit when the information is not available from HERE, based on various characteristics of the road.

    Here are the relevant API documentations for your reference:

    If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us directly at gbsupport@telogis.com.