• CommentAuthorMattR
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2017
    How do I manually request retina 600 x 600 from a Geostream server?


    You can use the useRetina property on the TileLayer's config object. This defaults to false (300x300), but will produce 600x600 tiles when set to true. For example:

    var map = new Map({
    id: 'my_map',
    zoomIndex: 4,
    center: new LatLon(33.888609,-118.239339),
    size: new Size (800, 600),
    tileLayerConfig: {useRetina: true}

    You may want to clear your GeoStream tile cache first (normally in C:\ProgramData\GeoStreamData\Cache).

    The 300x300 tiles are cached in the 'GBMapTiles-4-300' folder, and the 600x600 tiles in 'GBMapTiles-4-600-2'. If you see the latter folder after launching the map, you know the larger tiles are being generated.