• CommentAuthorlatha
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2017

    I have been trying for third party solutions for drawing links information on the map.
    Your solutions, integrating realtime/historic traffic data ( http://dev.telogis.com/resources/view/integrating-real-time-traffic-data ) well suits my needs.

    I have followed the instructions , but couldn't load the MapCtrl on the page.
    Is it possible to post the form code in there or additional resources ?
    Hi Latha,

    Thank you for your enquiry. I would recommend looking through our online documentation instead at http://docs.geobase.info.

    A couple of sections that may be of interest:

    Adding a Traffic Layer to your Map

    Routing with Traffic

    Please note that some of the examples may refer to InrixRealTimeTrafficSource. However we support this type of traffic data, we do not offer it as an option for purchase. We provide a sample traffic feed for South California, that you can access at http://trafficdata.telogis.com/sample_southern_ca_us.xml.zip

    You can use this data with our sample codes, but you would have to change InrixRealTimeTrafficSource to HERERealTimeTrafficSource everywhere.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at gbsupport@telogis.com.