• CommentAuthorStew
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2011
    We are adding push pins to our maps which show information in a balloon with mouse hover.
    Is it possible to display caption / information that is always shown next to the image?
    • CommentAuthorSharonD
    • CommentTimeMar 23rd 2011
    When you creat an ImageObject, in its balloonConfig, try setting 'behavior' to 'Balloon.MANUAL_TOGGLE' and 'show' to 'true'.

    For example, in tutorial.advanced-balloon.aspx, you can modify greenMarker to the following:
    var greenMarker = new ImageObject ({
    balloonConfig: {
    behavior: Balloon.MANUAL_TOGGLE | Balloon.DRAGGABLE,
    content: 'drag-enabled',
    hAlign: Balloon.ALIGN_CENTER,
    vAlign: Balloon.ALIGN_TOP,
    skin: BalloonSkin.directedWhite,
    show: true

    dragEnabled: true,
    location: new LatLon (34.00, -117.90),
    map: map,
    src: 'images/green-target.png'