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What can I do when I get: "CryptoAPI cryptographic service provider (CSP) for this implementation could not be acquired."?

Sometimes GeoBase will encounter a Cryptographic error.... Read more
Published, May 18th 2009, 16:07

What is a recommended minimum setup for GeoBase?

There is no minimum recommended setup for GeoBase...... Read more
Published, Jul 14th 2017, 00:04

Why can't GeoBase find data files after an upgrade?

GeoBase 3.0 stores data files in a new location.... Read more
Published, Oct 31st 2013, 00:46

Why does uninstall of GeoBase 2.8 fail with "Usage: iis7setup" ?

2.8 fails to uninstall on Vista... Read more
Published, Jul 29th 2009, 08:15