Can I change the appearance of GeoBase maps?

Map Styles allow you to fully, dynamically, customize the look of your map. This allows you to balance the speed and quality of the map, and to selectively render features based on conditional statements. For example, a client application may need to produce faster (lower quality) maps when panning, but high quality maps when printing, when speed is not an issue.

Map Styles can be created for custom data, which can be laid over standard maps, expanding the GIS and data visualisation capabilities of GeoBase.

In order to use a custom Map Style, you must first create the Chameleon script that instructs GeoBase how to render features on the map. While these scripts are plain-text files the best way to create them is via Chameleon Workbench, a tool which ships with GeoBase.

Published, Oct 20th 2010, 16:08