Does GeoBase require a spatial database?

No, GeoBase does not need a spatial database. The GeoBase file system includes all of the spatial indexes and functions required to build a geospatial system. In fact, in most cases GeoBase eliminates the need for expensive 3rd  party spatial databases allowing you to build a spatially-enabled enterprise-grade application with a lower cost compared to relational databases such as SQL Server or MySQL.

GeoBase supports the following query types as specified by the Open Geospatial Consortium:

  • Spatial Measurements: Finds the distance between points, polygon area, etc.
  • Spatial Predicates: Allows true/false queries such as 'is there a residence located within a mile of the area we are planning to build the landfill?'
  • Constructor Functions: Creates new shapes with an SQL query specifying the various points and lines that compose it
  • Observer Functions: Queries which return specific information about a shape such as the location of the center of a circle

 GeoBase will soon support the final requirement for being a full spatial data base:

  • Spatial Functions: Modify existing shapes to create new ones, for example by providing a buffer around them.

Published, May 17th 2009, 22:04