How can I fix the "Failed to map file" with 0x8 error?

The "failed to map file" exception usually indicates running out of memory, and generally only affects 32-bit machines that have a lot of GBFS data loaded. This error is generally not caused by insufficient RAM, but rather due to the 2G-per-process limit of 32-bit Windows. This error occurs mostly with GeoBase versions prior to GeoBase 3.0.

The best solution is to use a machine running a 64-bit version of Windows, if possible. This will effectively enable use of any amount of GBFS data. However this solution may not be possible for some customers (note also that it requires GeoBase 2.8 or later, since earlier versions of GeoBase do not have 64-bit support).

Some other possible solutions: In GeoStream mode, it may be possible to split GeoStream operations over more than one server (for example, one server for Europe and another for Nth America, or one server for mapping requests and another for geocoding, etc).

Published, May 3rd 2009, 16:26