How do I use and update SDK and RUNTIME licenses?

When using GeoBase in a Desktop environment, the license ends in .lic and has either SDK or RUNTIME in the name.

An SDK license can only be used in a Development environment.  This is a fully featured license but is limited in that it has a watermark on the map indicating it is for development only, has a limit on the number of transactions it can perform before a restart and it connects to the Telogis license server on startup.

A RUNTIME license is intended for use in a Production environment.  This license is limited to the what is in your contract, does not connect to the license server and does not have the development watermark or a transaction limit.

When you need to update your license, remove your existing license and replace it with the new one.  You should only have one license at a time in your licenses directory (C:\Program Files\Telogis\GeoBase\GeoBaseResources\licenses) or application directory to ensure the correct license is being used.


Published, Nov 29th 2011, 21:42