Geocoding & Reverse Geocoding

Geocoding is the ability to convert an address into latitude and longitude (lat/lon) coordinates. Lat/lon coordinates are a universally accepted method of describing a specific point on a map and a critical element of any location-based application.

Reverse geocoding is the process of converting latitude and longitude (lat/lon) coordinates into a natural-language address.

Telogis GeoBase is well suited to performing both geocoding and reverse geocoding, and in record quick time, regardless of how demanding your operating environment might be. Telogis GeoBase has been designed from the ground up to handle geocoding as efficiently as possible, able to receive lat/lon data from GPS units, RFID devices, and much more.

Using its own Babel geocoding tool, the process is continually being refined for greater accuracy and speed using real-world feedback.

Country-specific address formats

When you are designing an application to be used around the world you need to be able to handle a wide range of different address formats. Telogis GeoBase offers an address-parsing tool that can adapt to whatever country-specific requirements you have, and is constantly being fine-tuned for incredible accuracy using real-world data usage.

Partial address lookups

Offer users a fast way to lookup addresses with partial matching functionality.

Not just addresses

Using Telogis GeoBase, lat/lon information can return more than just an address. Retrieve a wide range of additional location data including the posted speed limit, route restrictions, ADAS information, and much more.

Location metrics

Use lat/lon coordinates to test if a tracked asset meets specific conditions. Has it stopped at a predefined marker? Has it left or entered a geofenced area? By comparing its current location with user-defined map markers, you can run any number of function such as instant alerts or delivery confirmation reports.

Reverse geocoding done ultra-fast

If you operate in a high-volume environment you'll be pleased to know Telogis GeoBase has been designed to operate at blazing speeds, with tests processing millions of points an hour in real time and used by some of the biggest mobile workforces in the world.

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