Flexible, Powerful Mapping

Telogis GeoBase serves up customized maps with speed and efficiency, perfectly suited to demanding commercial applications.

With powerful back-end support for API connections and custom GIS map layers, Telogis GeoBase is the right mapping tool for both large-scale consumer apps or specialized commercial use.

High usability and feature-rich

Maps use modern controls familiar to the majority of users, such as click and drag to navigate. Map features include anti-aliasing, text halos, clustering, custom icons and data overlays, offering users a rich, relevant, and engaging experience.

Custom designs and styles

Create your own map styles to suit user requirements, including company-specific branding, specialized data layers or real-world conditions, such as viewing maps clearly in direct sunlight.

Rich API tools

Getting your map application to work the way you want it to is easy with built-in support for common map programming tasks including spatial overlays, points of interest icons, pop-up windows and more.

Third-party map data

Use standardized GIS map data within Telogis GeoBase, providing users with layers that can be switched on and off. There is also support for 3rd-party databases to supply additional map information in near real-time using custom connections.

Multi-lingual support

With full support for multi-byte characters (such as Chinese) you'll be able to create map labels in multiple languages.

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