Navigation SDK

More than just configurable software, the Telogis GeoBase Navigation SDK is a rich toolbox of mapping and dynamic routing functions. It means you can quickly build tailored navigation applications.

Built-in features to save you time

The Navigation SDK comes complete with default code, map data, icons, vehicle positions, guidance instructions, and location selections. You can completely customize these features or accept the defaults for really rapid application development.

Perfectly suited for commercial applications

If you need more than just a standard navigation SDK, then you'll be pleased to know that the Telogis GeoBase Navigation SDK offers a wealth of commercial navigation features including predictive traffic data, truck-specific route restrictions, custom map layers, and specialized GIS data.

Comprehensive reference library

A rich library of code reference samples provides both an excellent training resource, showing best practice for coding specific functions, as well as a valuable reference when using new navigation features.

Custom routing strategies

Offer your users the choice of different routing strategies to deliver custom navigation. Fastest, shortest, truck restrictions or avoiding traffic congestion - there can be a range of routing priorities that a user will need, such as complying with specific business rules.

Advanced location selection features

Provide your users with PND-style location selection such as Next Valid Character (NVC) and filtered list selection schemas.

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