Powerful Data Tools

Telogis GeoBase includes a range of developer tools that allows you to quickly create custom styles, import 3rd-party data, localize for country-specific formats, and much more.

Custom map styling

Control the look and feel of your map, tailoring it for your intended audience and platform. Whether your application needs extremely fast panning and zooming, extra map detail or monochrome formats, you can control styling using Chameleon.

  • Intuitive workbench for changing map styles
  • Use display parameters to control map layers
  • Built-in scripting language to completely customize map symbols and behavior, or to re-use predefined map styles
  • Optimize map performance using the profiler tool

Data import tools

Import 3rd-party map data using Alchemy. Using its own data compiler and scripting language, Alchemy can create a template for converting existing map data into GBFS (GeoBase File System) files, making it compatible with your Telogis GeoBase application.

Alchemy offers some specific conversion tools including Layers, for importing custom layers or additional street data, or Streets, where base street data for regions not covered by Telogis GeoBase, can be imported.

Geocoding Address Matching

Address formats vary from region to region. The Babel geocoding tool within Telogis GeoBase not only allows you to easily define localized address formats, but also uses patent pending technology, and user feedback, to continually refine the accuracy of matching real-world addresses with location data.

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