Rapid Application Development

Telogis GeoBase has been designed to allow developers to build valuable location-based applications - quickly.

Telogis GeoBase offers a navigation SDK that is a rich toolbox of mapping and routing functions for new applications, or integrated navigation functionality within existing enterprise solutions.

Turnkey solution

Telogis GeoBase comes with a pre-built application, and a set of default functions, icons, and controls. Customize as much or as little as you like, changing anything from map styles to navigation instructions. White-labelled means you can rebrand as your own for a location-based application with a very short time to market.

API tools for easy integration

API tools allow you to integrate your application with existing software, ideal for building out additional functionality to an enterprise's current software solution.

Supplied with examples and code

Why code it when you can just copy and paste? The SDK includes a wealth of examples, best practices, and a UI graphics library to shorten development cycles and make life easier for developers, and keep production costs down.

Smart navigation features

Telogis GeoBase includes some smart features that are well-suited to building navigation systems, such as Next Valid Character (NVC), filtered location lists, options to localize navigation syntax or offer different routing strategies. And it's all ready to use - no coding needed!

Download Free SDK