Looking for a turn-key route optimization solution for fleets of vehicles? Find out more about the industry leading route optimization solution, Verizon Connect Route

Intelligent Routing

Route from A to B and everything in between, optimize multiple stops within custom constraints. With its unique ability to solve complex routing problems, Telogis GeoBase offers spatial optimization that complies with your specific business rules.

Use traffic data for smarter routing

Integrate real-time, predictive, and historical traffic data for smarter directions and efficient routing.

Multiple-stop routes

Telogis GeoBase not only determines the best route between two points but also calculates the optimum order for multiple stops along the way. Ideal for delivery or service-based industries.

You can also visualize journeys and stops on the map, manually creating new waypoints with draggable routes.

Comply with route restrictions

Telogis GeoBase uses current route restrictions and the vehicle's physical attributes (height, weight, and length) to make sure routes provided comply with local traffic laws.

Routes can also be influenced by virtual fences (also known as geofences) that keep vehicles in (or out) of specific areas. You can also choose to avoid or discourage left turns, or turns that exit and cross a line of traffic.

Turn by turn directions

Offer natural language, turn by turn directions to easily guide drivers to their destination safely.

Customize routing priorities

By default most routing engines calculate the fastest route between two points, but that may not suit all users. With Telogis GeoBase you can define custom routing strategies based on business rules and map data.

Offer alternative routing options including shortest, via specific waypoints or avoiding certain road conditions such as steep inclines.

Reachable area

Show possible destinations from a user's current location, either walking or driving, with the Reachable Area feature. Ideal for highlighting nearby points of interest, and other location-relevant data.

High-volume capacity

With the industry's fastest routing engine, Telogis GeoBase handles even the most demanding routing requirements for large scale, complex routing situations.

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