Company Overview

INRIX® is the leading provider of real-time, historical and predictive traffic information. INRIX delivers the broadest coverage, exceptional accuracy, innovative technologies and a unique approach to adding value to our partners solutions whether they be web based, mobile or navigation centric. Building on an unparalleled technology portfolio and the industry’s broadest network of partnerships, INRIX’s traffic data saves businesses and consumers time and money by predicting the future—not only showing what traffic is like right now, but what it will be like an hour, a week or even a year from now.

INRIX delivers traffic information today for over 125 markets in North America and for 16 European countries. INRIX provides true nationwide real-time information by blending real-time road sensor data with billions of real-time data points from GPS-enabled commercial and consumer devices in taxis, service vehicles, airport shuttle services, cars and long haul trucks.

Offerings for GeoZone Developers

INRIX has a broad range of traffic data services available that are supported by the Telogis GeoBase platform including Real-Time Flow, Real-Time Incidents and Historical Average Speeds.

Product Description

INRIX Real-Time Traffic Flow

Real-time speeds for over 125 markets in North America. Real-time speeds can be integration into routing calculations to better determine the fastest route and an accurate travel time. In addition, flow can be visually displayed as a layer on top of your mapping application.

INRIX Real-Time Incidents

Real-time reporting of traffic incidents, including accidents, construction and major events such as sports games. INRIX’s Real-Time Incidents service is based on a partnership with Clear Channel Total Traffic Network, a division of Clear Channel Radio.

INRIX Historical Average Speeds

This service provides average speeds by time of day, day of week on individual road segments covering nearly a million miles on major freeways, highways, urban and rural arterials and side streets throughout the United States. This data is specific to every day of the week, every hour of the day, and is reported at the Traffic Message Channel (TMC) link level or at the smallest road segment for Tele Atlas™ and NAVTEQ™ map databases. Historical speeds can provide additional accuracy for future route calculations by factoring in what the traffic will typically be like for time of day, day of week.