Company Overview

MapIT is the leading supplier of quality digital maps of Sub-Saharan Africa. Clients use our spatial data for vehicle tracking, fleet management, emergency services, web mapping, business planning, market analysis, geo-marketing, call centre solutions and mobile applications. The consistency, innovation and accuracy of our digital mapping activities in Sub-Saharan Africa, and subsequent expansion into Africa, attracted the interest of Tele Atlas. Tele Atlas has integrated MapIT’s extensive mapping data into their global database and enhanced it using their sophisticated and innovative technology, so we are able to provide our clients with map data of international standards, resulting in a superior end-product.

Offerings for GeoZone developers

MapIT provides GeoZone members with sample map data for Sub-Saharan Africa, accessible in the Download section. The GeoBase SDK takes full advantage of the rich list of attributes contained within the base road network data. GeoBase developers building applications for the fleet tracking and transportation industries can differentiate their application by leveraging MapIT’s high-quality map data.