Company Overview

Telogis partners with Microsoft to ensure complete compatibility between all of our geospatial solutions and Microsoft Windows Server and Client operating environments.

Offerings for GeoZone developers

Telogis’ solutions are built on Microsoft’s .NET framework. Developers can rest assured that GeoBase has undergone and passed rigorous testing to complete the ISV Software Solutions competency and earn Certified Partner status in the Microsoft Partner Program. Microsoft Competencies are designed to help differentiate a technology partner’s capabilities with specific Microsoft-based technologies to customers looking for a particular type of solution. Partners are provided with robust resources, including training and support services which allow them to maintain and expand expertise. Such resources not only translate into a competitive advantage, but ultimately allow Telogis to better serve its customers.

Products and Services

As a Certified Partner, Telogis continues to demonstrate the highest level of proficiency with Microsoft-based technologies and incorporates these technologies into its solutions.

Products & Services Description


GeoBase has passed rigorous testing for Windows 2008, and is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003 and 2007.


GeoBase has been tested by Microsoft on the Windows XP/Vista platform and is used by customers for both desktop and mobile applications.


GeoBase runs on Windows CE and Mobile and is used by customers to deploy advanced navigation devices.