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Developing Mapping Applications with Speed Profiles

TomTom Speed Profiles (SP) are derived from aggregating and processing hundreds of billions of anonymous GPS probe traces from millions of devices that reflect consumer driving patterns across North America and Europe.... Read more
Published, Feb 20th 2012, 02:10

Safety Vision Case Study

Learn how Texas-based firm Safety Vision used Telogis GeoBase to beat the competition in just 45 days... Read more
Published, Dec 1st 2011, 23:56

Intel® Fast Track Initiative: New Tools for Enabling the Latest Technologies

Coders who frequently test how their applications are performing, and the extent to which they are utilizing multi-core, graphics, and other hardware-related architectures, have a significant advantage over their competitors.... Read more
Published, Jun 10th 2010, 15:23

Transforming Field Service Operations

Drive costs down and service levels up with mobility... Read more
Published, May 19th 2009, 09:43

On the Road with Fleet Management

Trends in Marketing, Technology, and Solutions... Read more
Published, May 12th 2009, 11:23

Six Technologies For Improved Fleet Safety

Fleet safety issues account for over 40 percent of workplace fatalities. This fact reveals the importance of putting safety measures in place, but fleet safety presents unique challenges because of its mobile nature. How do you account for worker ...... Read more
Published, Apr 23rd 2009, 11:55

Logistics Data - Data Usage and Application Development Guidelines

The data that composes the Logistics product is developed from various Federal, State, and local sources supplemented with field collected information. These provisions are generally derived and/or based upon the Federal mandate which operates under the..... Read more
Published, Apr 8th 2009, 14:03

Using Innovative Transit Technology to Improve Environmental Sustainability

Adopting green practices is one of the foremost concerns influencing the public transportation industry today. Environmental sustainability is an issue which affects everyone, and is not geographically specific. As an approach to living and working...... Read more
Published, Apr 7th 2009, 16:45