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Adding a Marker

Markers are just one way you can customise your GeoStream map. Use a marker to identify an important location, such as a vehicle, your corporate office, a restaurant or an event.
Published, Jun 28th 2010, 15:36

Displaying satellite imagery

Satellite imagery can be a powerful source of information, over and above traditional maps. Converting your GeoStream application to display satellite imagery can be as easy as adding a single line of code.
Published, Jun 28th 2010, 15:36

Zooming a Map

Zoom a GeoStream map to increase the amount of detail shown
Published, Jun 28th 2010, 15:36

Logging GeoBase Application Events

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add basic logging functionality to a simple GeoBase application.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:13

Centering a Map

Center a map to highlight a particular geographic feature
Published, Jun 28th 2010, 15:35

Creating a Simple Map

Get started with GeoStream by placing a map widget on your webpage, with a single line of code!
Published, Jun 28th 2010, 15:35

Developing a Simple Web-Based Mapping Application

Developing a Simple Web-Based Mapping Application
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:27

Rendering Arrows and Lines on Maps

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add directional arrows to a routing application.
Published, Feb 6th 2013, 20:42


Developing a Simple Mapping Application with the GeoBase SDK and DigitalGlobe Tutorial 2 – Adding Satellite Imagery

The goal of this tutorial is to add satellite imagery to the simple mapping application. Satellite imagery is attained through GeoStream, which is a technology that delivers GeoBase functionality over the internet...
Published, Jun 2nd 2010, 15:58

Adding a Map to Your GeoBase Project

This tutorial will describe how to add mapping services to your GeoBase application. This is for .NET developers only.
Published, Jul 8th 2016, 02:17

Address Resolution: Reverse GeoCoding Made Easy with GeoBase

Reverse GeoCoding translates map coordinates (latitude, longitude) to a physical street address. A reverse geocoder application can be designed in minutes using GeoBase, and with just a few lines of code.
Published, Feb 18th 2013, 02:17

Integrating Historical Traffic Data

This tutorial will demonstrate how to add and use historical traffic data in a simple routing application.
Published, Jun 20th 2010, 20:10

Integrating Real-Time Traffic Data

This tutorial will present a simple map control and a checkbox to toggle the display of real-time traffic.The application will download the latest real-time traffic data, decompress the file and render the traffic data on to the map.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:30

A Simple Mobile Navigation Application Using the NavigationManager Class - Part 3

This is the third of three tutorials focusing on designing mapping applications for mobile devices. The focus of this tutorial is advanced routing techniques.
Published, May 28th 2012, 21:02

Creating a simple map using the silverlight API

Use Telogis GeoStream and Microsoft Silverlight technologies to quickly create a simple and modern web-based mapping application.
Published, Feb 8th 2012, 00:16

Controlling a Silverlight map using data-bound controls

Data-binding is a powerful technique available in Silverlight that can be used to connect a data source to, for example, a user interface object. This means the position of the UI object can be automatically changed when the data source value changes.
Published, Feb 8th 2012, 00:11

Creating and displaying markers on a Silverlight map

A typical mapping application will display the location of various points-of-interest (such as tourist sites or vehicle locations). This tutorial describes how to draw markers and place images at specific map locations.
Published, Feb 8th 2012, 00:10

Displaying map information using the Silverlight API

You may find it useful to display information about the map (such as the coordinates of the current mouse location, zoom scales and pending tile requests). This tutorial demonstrates how to retrieve and display such information.
Published, Feb 8th 2012, 00:14

Displaying satellite imagery on a Silverlight map

The Silverlight API supports the display of high-resolution satellite imagery providing visual information not availabe in traditional maps, such as vegetation, topographical features and obstacles on commercial properties.
Published, Feb 8th 2012, 00:15

Drawing on a Silverlight map

This tutorial will walk you through the creation of a Silverlight map that you can draw on. Three methods of drawing on a map will be demonstrated: hard-coded XAML drawings, hard-coded C# drawings and using the mouse cursor to draw a shape.
Published, Feb 8th 2012, 00:09

Delivery Time Windows

A time window is a specified time period in which the stop must be visited (such as between 9am and 5pm, or between 2pm and 4pm). Time windows are especially useful in situations where deadlines are important (such as utilities, and delivery services).
Published, Feb 6th 2013, 23:05

Adding a Mini Map

This tutorial will describe how to add a Mini Map so you can display the map at two different zoom levels simultaneously.
Published, Mar 10th 2011, 01:15

Understanding Rendering

This tutorial demonstrates how to create objects that are drawn on the map using the IMapRenderer interface, with examples of different render modes.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:36


Safety Vision Case Study

Learn how Texas-based firm Safety Vision used Telogis GeoBase to beat the competition in just 45 days
Published, Dec 1st 2011, 23:56

Changing Routing Strategy

This tutorial demonstrates the steps needed to create the shortest and fastest routes between stops, and those needed to create routes designed for pedestrians.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 21:55

Using a RouteMatrix to Generate Distances and Times Between Stops

A RouteMatrix allows time and distance calculations to be calculated between a single stop and many other stops to be calculated simultaneously.
Published, Jul 8th 2016, 00:48

Using GeoFences to Exclude Regions and Streets From Routes

This tutorial demonstrates how to prohibit travel along specified streets using a GeoFence.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:05

Creating a Simple Map Using GeoStream

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a simple JavaScript map to a GeoStream page .
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:31

Adding a Traffic Layer to a Map

In this tutorial we add a traffic layer to display the real-time speed of traffic driving across a map.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:29

Zooming a Map

Demonstrates how to zoom into a map using a mouse cursor; restrict mouse zooming, specify an initial map zoom level and use a slider widget.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 22:00

Adding an Image Marker to a GeoStream Map

This tutorial demonstrates how to add a marker to a map in GeoStream, either as an image object or an XSLT object.
Published, Mar 4th 2013, 23:00

Adding Markers and Labels to the Map

Objects such as text labels, pushpins, balloonpushpins and route highlights can be added easily to a GeoBase map. This tutorial explains how.
Published, Jul 7th 2016, 21:23

Geocoding Multiple Addresses

Geocoding an address (retrieving latitude and logitude coordinates for a street address) is a core feature of GeoBase. In this tutorial we demonstrate how to easily geocode multiple addresses and display the results on a map.
Published, Apr 30th 2013, 23:20